2001: Album: Show Your Love (VCD / DVD)

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Show Your Love VCD

VCD Track List

Disc 1
1. 組曲 I
Show Your Love (短版)
Baby Face
Show Your Love (完整版)
2. 組曲 II
猜想 Guess
你是誰 Who's it
和世界做鄰居 (我可以) Living With The World
3. 如果那天你說愛我
4. 永恆 Eternity
5. 一眼就看見
6. 你快樂嗎 Are You Happy

Disc 2
1. 感覺你的存在
2. You Gotta Know
3. Sugar Sugar
4. 愛上了一條街
5. 我知道你很難過 Know You're Deep Down
6. 捨不得
7. Pretty Pretty Day
8. 嗨 Everything's Gonna Be Alright
9. Don't Stop
10. Goodbye

Product Name: Show Your Love Concert Karaoke
Release Date: 10/5/2001
Publisher: Universal Music
Other Information: 2 VCD

Show Your Love, as Jolin Cai's third Chinese album, is quite appealing to the young girls for Jolin's vivid illustration of a girl's anticipation for love Story. After three years' silence, "sweet girl" Yang Yuyin presents her new album Story. Her image and singing style both become more fashionable and mature.