J1 Live Concert CD+DVD

CD Track List

  1. 樂園
  2. Intro
  3. 騎士精神/ 海盜/ 看我72變
  4. 始作俑者
  5. 檸檬草的味道
  6. 就是愛
  7. Prove It
  8. Love Love Love
  9. 做一天的你/ 奴隸船/ 消失的城堡
  10. 假面的告白
  11. 乖貓
  12. 第一優先
  13. 愛情36計/ 爆米花的味道/ 招牌動作
  14. 說愛你
  15. 倒帶
  16. Outro

DVD Track List

  1. Intro
  2. 騎士精神/ 海盜/ 看我72變
  3. 始作俑者
  4. 檸檬草的味道
  5. 就是愛
  6. Prove It
  7. Love Love Love
  8. 做一天的你/ 奴隸船/ 消失的城堡
  9. 假面的告白
  10. 乖貓
  11. 第一優先
  12. 愛情36計/ 爆米花的味道/ 招牌動作
  13. 說愛你
  14. 倒帶
  15. Outro
Jolin Tsai held her first concert J1 in her five years' music career. An elaborate stage setting, comparable to Broadway musicals, set the backdrop for Jolin's kinetic performance in November 2004. The stage director deliberately created a nostalgic and elegant style on stage for Jolin's first concert.
Jolin appeared in 10 different costumes as a mermaid, a sexy girl, an elegant lady, etc in the two-hour non-stop excitement. She demonstrated great versatility by performing "36 Strategies in Love", "Disappearing Castle", "Pirates", and other popular tunes of hers in different images. And now Jolin's stage extravaganza is all captured in on this 3-disc combo!
  • The best of Jolin Tsai's concert: 1 Live DVD + 2 Live CD + 2006 Jolin Calendar!
  • The DVD captures Jolin's concert in the best quality with HDTV technology, 5.1 DTS surround (1536K), and 5.1 Dolby Digital!
  • The CD also features Jolin's new song for the mobile phone commercial.
  • Product Title
    J1 Live Concert CD+DVD
  • Release Date
    24 Sep 2005
  • Language
  • Format
    DVD + 2 CD + 2006 Calendar
  • Publisher
    Sony BMG Music Entertainment (Taiwan) Ltd
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