Play World Tour Live (DVD/ Blue-Ray)

Play World Tour Live LIVE DVD ( 2DVD  - 186min; STEREO\ Dolby Digital 5.1\ DTS 5.1)
Play World Tour Live LIVE Blue-Ray (1BD  - 186min; STEREO\ Dolby Digital True HD 5.1\ DTS 5.1)

*Blue-ray had the same track listing with DVD

DVD1 Track List

  1. 美杜莎 (Medusa)
  2. 大丈夫 (Real Man)
  3. 美人計 (Honey Trap)
  4. 愛無赦 (Bravo Lover)
  5. I'm Not Yours feat. Namie Amuro
  6. 特務 J (Agent J)
  7. 花蝴蝶 (Butterfly)
  8. Love Love Love
  9. 布拉格廣場 (Prague Square)
  10. 第三人称 (The Third Person And I)
  11. 獨佔神話 (Exclusive Myth)
  12. 大藝術家 (The Great Artist)
  13. Mr. Q
  14. 唇语 (Lip Reading)
  15. 檸檬草的味道 (The Smell Of Lemon Grass)
  16. 我知道你很難過 (Know You're Deep Down)
  17. 天空 (Sky)
  18. 七上八下 (Butterflies In My Stomach)
  19. Miss Trouble
  20. 日不落 (Sun Will Never Set)
  21. 無言以對 (Nothing Left To Say)

DVD2 Track List

  1. 迷幻 (Fantasy)
  2. 愛情三十六計 (36 Tricks Of Love)
  3. 电话皇后 (Phony Queen)
  4. Dr. Jolin
  5. 舞孃 (Dancing Diva)
  6. 看我72變 (72 Magic)
  7. 不一样又怎样 (We're All Different, Yet The Same)
  8. 我呸 (Play)
  9. 演唱會幕後特輯 (Behind The Scenes)
  10. "不一樣又怎樣"紀錄片 ("We Are All Different, Yet The Same” Documentary)
    1. 林欣蓓篇 Story of Lin Hsin Pei
    2. 曾英齊篇 Story of Tseng Ying Chi
    3. 曾愷芯篇 Story of Katherine Tseng
    4. 葉永鋕篇Story of Yeh Yung Chih
  • Product Title
    Play World Tour Live (DVD/ Blue-Ray)
  • Release Date
    30 Jan 2018
  • Language
  • Format
    DVD or Blue-Ray
  • Publisher
    Eternal Music Production Co., Ltd/ Warner Music Taiwan Ltd
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