2014: Album: Play (Regular Version)

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Play (Regular Version)

Available @ CD-RAMA S$24.95

CD Track List

1. 第二性 (Gentlewomen)
2. 我呸 (Play)
3. 美杜莎 (Medusa)
4. 唇语 (Lip Reading)
5. I'm Not Yours (feat. Namie Amuro)
6. 自爱自受 (I Love, I Embrace)
7. Miss Trouble
8. 电话皇后 (Phony Quee)
9. 第三人称 (The Third Person And I)
10. 不一样又怎样 (We're All Different, Yet The Same)

Product Name:  Play (Regular Version)
Release Date: 21/11/2014
Publisher: Ethernal Music Production, Warner Music Taiwan Ltd
Other Information: 6 Pages Posters (56cm X 42cm) + CD