Play Ver.1 (Regular Edition)

CD Track List

  1. 第二性 (Gentlewomen)
  2. 我呸 (Play)
  3. 美杜莎 (Medusa)
  4. 唇语 (Lip Reading)
  5. I'm Not Yours feat. Namie Amuro
  6. 自爱自受 (I Love, I Embrace)
  7. Miss Trouble
  8. 电话皇后 (Phony Queen)
  9. 第三人称 (The Third Person And I)
  10. 不一样又怎样 (We're All Different, Yet The Same)
  • Product Title
    Play Ver.1 (Regular Edition)
  • Release Date
    15 Nov 2014
  • Language
  • Format
    CD + 6pages Posters (56cm X 42cm)
  • Publisher
    Eternal Music Production Co., Ltd/ Warner Music Taiwan Ltd
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