2001: Album: Lucky Number (VCD / DVD)

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Lucky Number VCD

VCD Track List

1. e世記篇
2. 520速配篇
3. My Wap朋友篇
4. My Wap生日篇
5. 世界篇
6. 空閒篇

1. Lucky Number
2. 如果不想要
3. 你怎麼連話都說不清楚
4. Take It Easy
5. 捕手
6. Surprise
7. 看緊我
8. 由我
9. 只有一個你

Product Name: Lucky Number VCD
Release Date: 21/3/2002
Publisher: Universal Music
Other Information: 1 VCD

"Lucky Number" contains a number of solid production..........The feature hits, "Ru Guo Bu Xiang Yao" and "Bu Shao," are mellow love songs written by the renowned songwriter Li Si Song. "Lucky Number" is a dance song and the R&B sound "Ni Shi Mo Lin Hua Du Shuo Bu Qing" is composed by Jay Chow. "Lucky Number" is definitely not a album to miss!