Show Your Love Ver.2 (Deluxe Edition Ver.1)

CD Track List

  1. Show Your Love
  2. 快有愛 (Love Is Near)
  3. 你還愛我嗎 (Do You Still Love Me)
  4. Baby Face
  5. 如果那天你說愛我 (If You Said Love Me At That Day)
  6. 捨不得 (Reluctant)
  7. 愛上了一條街 (Fall In Love With A Street)
  8. Pretty Pretty Day
  9. 一眼就看見 (See At A Glance)
  10. 感覺你的存在 (Feel Your Presence)
  • Product Title
    Show Your Love Ver.2 (Deluxe Edition Ver.1)
  • Release Date
    09 Feb 2001
  • Language
  • Format
  • Publisher
    Universal Music Taiwan Ltd
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