Myself Ver.2 (Deluxe Edition)

CD1 Track List

  1. 美人計 (Honey Trap)
  2. Missed Call (Interlude)
  3. 玩愛之徒 (Love Player)
  4. Secret Talk (Interlude)
  5. 派大星 (Party Star)
  6. Let’s Start The Dance (Interlude)
  7. 黑髮尤物 (Black-Haired Beautiful Girl)
  8. 無言以對 (Nothing Left To Say)
  9. L'amour est parti (Interlude)
  10. 小傷口 (Real Hurt)
  11. 娘子漢 (Macho Babe)
  12. 七上八下 (Butterflies In My Stomach)
  13. 解散愛 (Let’s Break Up)
  14. Love You Too (Interlude)
  15. 即時生效 (Take Immediate Action)

CD2 Track List

  1. 美人計 (Honey Trap) (Dance With Me Remix)
  2. 七上八下 (Butterflies In My Stomach) (Heart Beating Remix)
  3. 娘子漢 (Macho Babe) (Cheerleading Remix)
  4. 玩愛之徒 (Love Player) ( I Know You Remix)
  5. 派大星 (Party Star) (Don’t Stop Remix)
  6. Myself 5 in 1 (Mashup Remix)

DVD1 Track List

  1. 美人計 (Honey Trap) MV
  2. 玩愛之徒 (Love Player) MV
  3. 無言以對 (Nothing Left To Say) MV
  4. 七上八下 (Butterflies In My Stomach) MV
  5. 即時生效 (Take Immediate Action) MV
  6. 小傷口 (Real Hurt) MV

DVD2 Track List

  1. Myself 專輯幕後工作側拍全紀錄 (Behind The Scenes)
  • Product Title
    Myself Ver.2 (Deluxe Edition)
  • Release Date
    29 Oct 2010
  • Language
  • Format
    2CD + 2DVD
  • Publisher
    Mars Entertainment Co., Ltd/ Warner Music Taiwan Ltd
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