J9 (New & Remix Album)

CD Track List

  1. 招牌動作 (Signature Gesture)
  2. 單身公害 (Singleness)
  3. 看我72變 (72 Magic) (Remix)
  4. 乖貓 (Nice Cat) (Remix)
  5. 說愛你 (Say Love You) (Remix)
  6. 愛情三十六計 (36 Tricks Of Love) (Remix)
  7. 海盜 (Pirates) (Remix)
  8. 就是愛 (It's Love) (Remix)
  9. Love Love Love (Remix)
  10. 爆米花的味道 (Smell Of The Popcorn) (Remix)
  11. J9 Magic Non-Stop Remix

Jolin's fantastic party mix! Taiwanese female music talent Jolin Tsai is always good for some exciting new sounds and now she's back with a dazzling selection of her top dance songs on J9 New + Party Collection.

  • Product Title
    J9 (New & Remix Album)
  • Release Date
    12 Nov 2004
  • Language
  • Format
  • Publisher
    Sony Music Entertainment Taiwan Ltd
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