Dancing Forever (New & Remix Album)

CD1 Track List

  1. 唯舞獨尊 (Dancing Forever)
  2. 情逢敵手 (Rival In Love)
  3. 懷念 (Missing)
  4. 聽說愛情回來過 (Heart That Love's Ever Been Back)
  5. 今天妳要嫁給我 (With 陶喆) (Marry Me Today Feat. David Teo)
  6. 墓仔埔也敢去 (台語) (Dare To Go To The Cemetery)
  7. 假裝 (粵語版) (Pretending - Cantonese Ver)

CD2 Track List

  1. 舞孃 (765天旋地轉 Acide House Mix) (Dancing Diva 765 Spinning Acid House Mix)
  2. MR.Q (All Night Party remixed by DJ Submarine)
  3. 舞孃 (Dancing Diva) (Breakdown Stomp Mix)
  4. 唇唇欲動 (Attraction Of Sexy Lips) (Hit Hot Vibration Mix )
  5. MR.Q (Dancing Diva)(Quicy Drum N Bass Remix)
  6. 舞孃 (Dancing Diva)(Orientalism Mix)

DVD Track List (LUX玩美麗仕 蔡依林 高雄慶功演唱會)

  1. 玩美 (Pulchritude)
  2. 唇唇欲動 (Attraction Of Sexy Lips)
  3. 乖乖牌 (Nice Guy) feat. 黃立行 Stanley)
  4. 音浪 (Sound Wave)(黃立行 Stanley)
  5. 假裝 (Pretending)
  6. 最終話 (The Finale)
  7. Mr.Q(feat. Energy
  8. 舞孃 (Dancing Diva)
  9. 馬德里不思議 (A Wonder in Madrid)
  • Product Title
    Dancing Forever (New & Remix Album)
  • Release Date
    05 Oct 2006
  • Language
  • Format
    CD + DVD
  • Publisher
    Mars Entertainment Co., Ltd/ EMI Taiwan Ltd/ Capitol Music Taiwan
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