Agent J Ver.1 (Regular Version)

CD Track List

    1. 特務 J (Agent J)
    2. 愛無赦 (Bravo Lover)
    3. 一個人 (Alone)
    4. 怕什麼 (Fear-Free)
    5. 桃花源 (Ideal State)
    6. 冷前言 (Prolog Of Tacit Violence)
    7. 冷‧暴力 (Tacit Violence)
    8. 非賣品 (Pricesless)
    9. 節拍器 (Metronome)
    10. 金三角 (Golden Triangle)
    11. 日不落 (Sun Will Never Set)
    12. Let's Move It

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  • Product Title
    Agent J Ver.1 (Regular Version)
  • Release Date
    03 Oct 2007
  • Language
  • Format
  • Publisher
    Mars Entertainment Co., Ltd/ EMI Taiwan Ltd/ Capitol Music Taiwan
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