1019 (Ver.1)

CD Track List

  1. The Rose
  2. Because Of You
  3. 我知道你很難過 (Know You're Deep Down)
  4. 猜想 (Guess)
  5. 你是誰 (Who's It)
  6. 我可以 - 和世界做鄰居 (Living With The World)
  7. 上街 (Out On The Street)
  8. 怪我太年輕 (Blame Me For Too Young)
  9. Good-Bye
  10. 空白 (Blank)

This is Jolin's 1st Chinese album, "Jolin 1019". The 10 in 1019 means Jolin and the 19 represents Jolin's age. There are 10 songs in the album and it includes an English song called The Rose which shows the power of Jolin's vocals. Added that to her angelic face, she became the teenage guy's killer.


  • Product Title
    1019 (Ver.1)
  • Release Date
    13 Sep 1999
  • Language
  • Format
  • Publisher
    Universal Music Taiwan Ltd
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